HBDA no.2: My work is worth paying for.

I made an online shop for my art. I believe that is a step in the right direction. Although I have made countless online shops before, this time is different; it’s different because I actually posted something to it and I actually told someone about it! Even more, I posted on my social media that I was accepting commissions and I put my email address as a contact! I really feel like I’m on my way to becoming the world’s dopest artist!

• • •

Now…I’m sitting next to my email inbox like it owes me money…and it does. It’s been over a week now, and I’m waiting for the first purchase and commission since posting I was accepting them. I’m waiting for somebody, ANYBODY to commission me. Hm…maybe I should post it again? Eh, that would make me look desperate. Or, maybe I should act like I’m selling a lot of work and someone would feel like they’re missing out? Nah…I do, on the other hand, make logos, album covers, and flyers for the low until my painting gig grows into an amazing career. It helps keep food on the table and my head above water. Ay, a quick $50 here and there ain’t never hurt nobody! Although I love design, something keeps telling me to focus on my painting. Because of this, I have been setting design aside for the most part. If only there were a way I could do everything, but I know it’s always much better to focus my work.

Most importantly, I just need to convince others that my work is worth paying for. So many people have said they would purchase my work, but they hardly follow through. Somehow, that statement only compels me to keep working at it. Next project: solo exhibition.

World’s Dopest Artist.

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